NextStep Renewable Energy produces and markets Renewable Diesel.
The most advanced biofuel on the market today.

NextStep Renewable Energy Inc. (NSRE) was formed in 2011 to as a renewable fuel company which will produce 'Hydrogenation Derived Renewable Diesel' (HDRD) using our state of the art, patented technology. Our advanced process is simple, safe, reliable, and a proven process that is similar to the process traditional petroleum oil refineries that have been used throughout the world for over 100 years. It utilizes a combination of heat and hydrogen to convert the feedstock into a fuel that is chemically equivalent to petroleum-based diesel fuel. Our HDRD plants can be built with a similar capital investment to conventional biodiesel plants but can utilize lower quality feedstocks to lower operating costs.  Our HDRD process can utilize a wide variety of different feedstocks, including, those that are lower quality and cost than can be utilized by conventional biodiesel producers. 

Our Renewable Diesel

NSRE produces a next generation “drop-in” biofuel (Renewable Diesel) that has all the performance, stability, and cold flow advantages of traditional petroleum based fuels with none of the negative environmental disadvantages.

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Our Vision

The goal for drop-in fuels is to meet existing diesel, gasoline, and jet fuel quality specifications and be ready to "drop-in" to existing infrastructure. This minimizes infrastructure compatibility issues, which are a prohibitive barrier to fast commercialization of biofuels like ethanol and biodiesel.

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